Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slow but steady

Three weeks into training period number 2 everything is going good. I am learning new stuff and have just started doing self-massage with a medicine ball and some tennis balls. My foam-roller is in the mail and Mike Boyles; "Functional Strength Coach 3.0", is slowly being programmed into my brain these days.

My measurements for today:

Weight: 75.2 kg

Left thigh : 10 mm

Left sub scapular: 8 mm

Right suprailiac: 5 mm

Left abdominal: 10 mm

Right triceps: 5 mm

Lean body weight: 68.4 kg
Fat: 6.8 kg

So far I have gone up 3.2 kg in lean body weight and 1.2 kg fat. Not too shabby!

This week I skipped my Wednesday workout because of poor time-management (aka life). I also cut my Friday workout short in the sense that I only did the bulgarian split squats, bench press and one arm dumbell row. My numbers are still increasing and everything feels good.

The gym I use will get a trap-bar soon. Once it arrives I will use that instead of the conventional deadlifts simply because I can.

Once my foam roller arrives I will film how I implement it into my workouts.

Considering I really suck at this internet/blog-stuff, should I do a youtube-blog instead? Chime in if you have an opinion. My thinking is that more people would check it out.. ?

Monday, November 9, 2009


Below are some extracts from my Monday routine;

I was quite happy with my form in both the squat and the benchpress today. It felt like I got OK depth without my usual but-tuck, something that might have been caused by a good warm up.

I decided to try some myofacial relese with a medicine ball, something that I have not tried before. After 5 turns back and forth all around my thighs (adductors, abductors, hams, quads, t-bands) I did some mobility exercises, some dynamic stretching and finished off with some light stretching of my hip flexors.

This kind of warm up is something I will explore more as I honestly felt much more focused and "loose" during my squats today. Some tennis balls and a foam roller will be my next "gadgets" for sure!

This is how my routine looks like now:


Back squats - 3x5
Bench press - 3x5
Weighted dips - 15+4+3+3
Weighted pullups - 5+2+2+2+2+2
Standing calf raises - 3x5
Seated curls - 15+4+3+3
Face pulls - 2x10


Dead lifts - 3x5
Standing barbell press - 3x5
One arm dumbell bench press (oadbp) - 12+4+3+3


Bulgarian split squats - 4x8
Bench press - 3x5
Weighted dips - 15+4+3+3
One arm dumbell rows (oadr) - 4x8
Seated curls - 15+4+3+3
Seated calf raises - 3x5
Face pulls - 2x10

My cough is still present, I am not rid of my cold yet but I am fighting it with extra calories, seal oil, more fruit and more greens!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday and Friday routine

This was my Friday routine. On Mondays I squat for 3 x 5 reps and do standing calf raises in the smith machine, 3 x 5 reps. Those are the main differences.

I might make some changes in regards to my back-exercises; Since I got heavy dead lifts on Wednesday I might exclude the T-bar rows. I will consider doing one arm dumbell rows or T-bar rows with more volume on Fridays.

My focus this period is lower body and chest. I will be doing more of everything this period; higher frequency, more volume and similar intensity.

Fasting is more 14/10 then 16/8 now. My activity level is high and my sleep pattern is not optimal (not that is has been the last 5 years..:) so I try to eat a bit more.

Todays workout was the one above (in the video) and 1.5 hours of swimming at work (slow pace, lots of breaks).

Time to get some shut-eye! Keep on keeping on and remember;

Don´t hate, MOTIVATE! ;)