Monday, November 9, 2009


Below are some extracts from my Monday routine;

I was quite happy with my form in both the squat and the benchpress today. It felt like I got OK depth without my usual but-tuck, something that might have been caused by a good warm up.

I decided to try some myofacial relese with a medicine ball, something that I have not tried before. After 5 turns back and forth all around my thighs (adductors, abductors, hams, quads, t-bands) I did some mobility exercises, some dynamic stretching and finished off with some light stretching of my hip flexors.

This kind of warm up is something I will explore more as I honestly felt much more focused and "loose" during my squats today. Some tennis balls and a foam roller will be my next "gadgets" for sure!

This is how my routine looks like now:


Back squats - 3x5
Bench press - 3x5
Weighted dips - 15+4+3+3
Weighted pullups - 5+2+2+2+2+2
Standing calf raises - 3x5
Seated curls - 15+4+3+3
Face pulls - 2x10


Dead lifts - 3x5
Standing barbell press - 3x5
One arm dumbell bench press (oadbp) - 12+4+3+3


Bulgarian split squats - 4x8
Bench press - 3x5
Weighted dips - 15+4+3+3
One arm dumbell rows (oadr) - 4x8
Seated curls - 15+4+3+3
Seated calf raises - 3x5
Face pulls - 2x10

My cough is still present, I am not rid of my cold yet but I am fighting it with extra calories, seal oil, more fruit and more greens!

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  1. Good stuff as usual. Keep up the good work. :D