Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dead lift form and what I eat

Since it seems like you guys would like me to focus more on youtube updates, I will..:)

As I have mentioned before; I have two sons, one 5 month old baby and one 5 year old. The baby is getting his teeth at the moment so sleep is slowly becoming something of the past.

I have skipped the Wednesday workout two weeks in a row now because of my poor restitution (mostly because of too little sleep), so it felt ekstra nice to get in a good session today (yes, I prosponed the Wednesday workout for today)!

Lately I have been thinking about my dead lift form and have arrived to the conclusion that I shift my weight too much forward at the start of the lift. I tried to focus on maintaining the weight at the back/center of my foot today.

It does not make much sense to "focus of form" with an "active" work weight, so because I am a bit impatient when it comes to my own development I used straps on my work sets so I could focus on my legs and my low back.

Might do me good to complete a period of rack-pulls to strengthen the top part of the dead lift.

While I was waiting for the squat rack to be available I decided I would try the one arm wheel rollout. This is an extreme exercise that I have seen over at Ross Enamaits site; , but never tried.

Considering I have not done any core-work for quite some time, I was fairly pleased with my effort.

My power wheel will get more milage in the weeks to come. Last Monday I felt that my core was week during 117.5kg squats.. Not good..

Regarding my diet and my comments in the video above; I eat fairly healty, take one table spoon of fish oil every day, drink two protein shakes miksed with milk every day (extra calories and to maintain a high protein inntake) and use 5g kreatine monohydrate every day.

I also eat quite a lot of sugar, fat and eat far too little green and fruits.

That is it, that is all.

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