Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Short update from the land up north. It is Christmas, we have just devoured a huuge breakfast of rolls and home made garnityre, topping it off with a nice strong cup of coffee now.

Why the $%$ I am seated in front of my computer you think? Well, I hurt my back on Monday. Had to happen sooner or later. In my 29 years of roaming this earth I have never been injured because of a workout.

Here is the set that gave me a kink in my lower back:

As you can see, form was good. No rounding of the back, no shifting from side to side, no loss of tension. I blame my poor warm up. Too short warm up and too few progressive sets before hitting my work weight.

Enough of that. My back is getting better. Probably just a muscle pull.

Here is what I had planned for my Thursdays workouts:

The roll outs was overkill. Might have to add a workout dedicated for core-work on a separate day. Plan will change now. Will let my back heal, eat plenty during the Christmas holiday and create a rehab plan with a very competent friend of mine.

Fat caliper said that I have lost some fat lately. Down to 8-8.5% fat at around 74.5kg body weight.

Sorry for the short sentences and fact-heavy post but hey, it is Christmas morning here in the north of Norway and I have to play with my oldest so he survives the wait..:)

Have a wonderful Christmas and a motivating new year!


Bjorn Granum

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