Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year!

Seems like my back has healed well. Must have been a muscle pull.

Laying on my back for over 1 week is not something I am used to so it felt real good to lift some weights yesterday.

I started out with a good warm up, did some front squats, first without weights, then a progressive warm up followed by 3x5 with 60 kg. Everything felt good so I will stick with the front squat for at least one full period (8-12 weeks).

After that I felt like doing some bench pressing. I was a bit hesitant to bridge so I just kept a small arch in my low back. I should probably not have gone so heavy but like I said, I was messed up for laying on my back most of the holliday so I did some progressive warm up and did 1 x 5 with 100 kg. Felt great and I still had some power in the tank.

I was fairly tired after this so instead of doing weighted pullups I decided to see if I could do 20 strict pullups. Went well.

Finished off with 3 x 30 sec plank with the feet on a bosu ball.

In the following weeks I will be going back to the basics, focusing on; the front squat, bench press, trap bar deadlift (light weights, getting used to the exercise), weighted pullups, standing barbell press, weighted chinups and plank variations.

I will be going back to a starting strength type of routine but more on this later.

On the 13. April I will be 30 years old. One short term goal is to weigh 77 kg at around 9% body fat by then.

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