Sunday, August 16, 2009

Old dog learns yet another lesson..

I am borderline handicaped from my tricking-session on Friday. Stupid me did not warm up properly before jumping around on a field 30+ times. Well, yesterday and today I have been properly reminded why I should practice what I preach in regards to warm ups and dynamic stretching before ballistic movements.

Should have dawned on me after jumping 3-4 times on one foot with all kinds of powers pulling me in different directions but nooooo... The; "I am 18 years old again"-feeling blurred my mind.

What I am trying to say is my ass hurts! Or rather; my glutes are hurting along with my entire core. I might actually have to move my strength session to Tuesday because of my stupidness.

Enough of that. I have been on my program for 4 weeks today so I took some new measurements yesterday after 15.5 hours of fasting:

Weight: 72.6kg

Left thigh : 8mm (+0.5mm)

Left sub scapular: 7mm (+1mm)

Right suprailiac: 6mm (+1mm)

Left abdominal: 10mm (+2mm)

Right triceps: 4mm (-1mm)

This sums up to a total of 1.8kg gained, 0.5kg fat and 1.3kg lean mass. I am quite happy with these gains considering the amount of junk I have stuffed my self with over these past 4 weeks. I will continue consuming high calorie foods but will reduce my inntake of sugar (yep, I am a sugar junkie:). In fact, I will try to eat even bigger meals and consume 1-2 gainershakes per day.

Througout this period I have fasted 16 hours on most days but not all. Some Saturdays and Sundays have gone by without fasting, some days I have fasted 14 hours, some days 15.5 etc.

This will probably continue.

Short summary: Things are going according to plan, I am gaining mostly lean body weight and am getting stronger every workout.

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  1. Good job, Bjorn. One question: What´s up with the fasting? Do you over eat? How many meals have you got a day?

    Thanks. Good progress.