Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 weeks down, 49 to go!

I have changed the title of my blog since it is more fitting to what I am doing.

My approach to building muscle is not the traditional one. One of the "dangers" with trying to build muscle is going overboard with what and how much you eat to ensure enough calories for muscle building. A natural by-product of eating more calories then one spends each day, is gaining fat.

I have always been lean. My set point for fat % is probably no higher then 12% body fat (rough estimate). Because of evolution, we are programmed to store fat if we get to eat more then we need. It packs on our bodies and stays there like reserve rations for when food supply becomes low.

Well, for me, food supply is always high. I have no need for fat reserves and I would not like for my set point to get higher.

Intermittent fasting lets me have a somewhat liberal approach to what I eat and how much I eat. These first 3 weeks of my training-cycle I have not counted calories and I have not stressed with macro nutrient control and the likes.

I have been eating three big meals every day (sometimes two plus a gainer-type-shake), sometimes including chocolate, sweets etc. to get the calories in.

Yesterday I took some fat caliper measurements. I have gained about 0.5kg fat and 0.8kg lean mass in these past 3 weeks. Some might shake their heads in regards to that 0.8kg lean mass gain, well, it is probably mostly fluids (glycogen, water) but I measured after 15 hours of fasting.

Training is going very well! As some of you might have seen from my videos; I started pretty low on the weight and am working my way up. Feels great to move weight around when I am in a calorie surplus!

I will end this with a video of me and my son doing a tabata-workout. A guy that calls him self "ChuckW" over at the rosstraining forum posted a video of himself and his son doing a tabata-workout. This reminded me that I have to include my son more. Anyways, here it is:


  1. Kewl vid! Found you over at Ross his website. Gonna read some more of your blog the comming days.

  2. Saw that video on RT-forums. I really like how you train with your son and how he mimics your moves. ;) Always good to see dads, who spend time with their children.
    I´ll follow your blog from now on and if i manage to save money for a camera I may do one as well in future.

  3. I was wondering, do you sandwich your workout in the middle of your eating window, or do you workout before or after you start eating?

  4. Yes, I eat lunch, wait a couple of hours, workout, eat dinner and finish the evening with a kasein rich meal.