Sunday, August 23, 2009

My methods for measuring progress

Just to make something clear regarding the my fat % numbers etc.; I use a ordinary fat caliper and weigh my self every Sunday after a 15 hours fast. I do not keep a record of what I consume in my last meal on Saturday and using a fat caliper is not super accurate.

What I am implying is that my fat gain/lean gain numbers is an estimate. I measure the same spots and use the same tablet for estimating my body fat % every time. I am no proffessor but my measurements show a trend.

This past week gave me a total weight gain of 0.5kg and my body fat % stayed at 8.5% for a total fat gain of 100g and a lean body mass gain of 400g. Measured after a 15 hour fast and a hot bath.

My glutes are still not recovered so I might have to skip squats and RDL this week. We shall see.



  1. I almost never put myself in a scale. I never ever have used a caliper, and dont use a log for my progress.

    I did set a goal for myself 2 years a go, and a year ago I had to set a new one :-D

  2. :D Congrats on reaching your goal Redstar!

    It is important for me to use a scale, a fat caliper and to have a fairly standarized way for measuring my body composition since I am trying to build muscle and at the same time maintain a low body fat %.

    Measuring every week allowes me to make adjustments quickly.

    So far it seems like I am maintaining a very favorable ratio of fat/lean mass but it is early days still.

    Thanks for commenting Redstar!