Sunday, August 30, 2009

Workout music and custom workout videos

I talked to a friend of mine about workout music this week. The past couple of years I have been more and more drawn to old school metal music when preforming interval workouts and while lifting weights.

My mp3 player has some Iron Maiden, Pantera and a couple of Disturbed albums. All of them rock but after a couple of years of the same tunes I am starting to look around for new material.
My friend mentioned Gamma Ray so I bought "Power Plant" and pressed play.. YES! Perfect! High paced metal with a great sound! I forsee great sessions at the gym in the near future.

If any of you guys/girls reading this have tips for workout music; post a comment and let me know!

I managed to create a poll to see if there is interest to get workout videos made by me for your unike goals. Disregarding the small number of votees there was a positive trend.

If you would like a training plan that fits your goals coupled with clear videos where I explain the program and go through the ABCs, send me a e-mail at; , and mark the subject line with your name and; web-training.

This is not an automated service. I have to intervju you via e-mails first, give you payment details (I charge via paypal), create your program, run it by you via more e-mails, film and edit the videos that will go along with the program.

The service cost $80 for the first month and $40 for subsequent months. Feel free to e-mail me any questions you might have if this sounds interesting for you; .

I am still making great progress. I have finished 6 weeks of training and have added 2.6kg fat free mass and 0.7kg fat. That is about 433 grams of fat free mass and 117 grams of fat per week.

My glutes are well rested and I managed to do RDL this week. Tomorrow is squat day! Can`t wait!
By the way... Not sure if I have mentioned it before but I am taking a progress picture after each week. The plan is to create a time-lapse with the pictures at the end of my training-year.


  1. I love to listening Opeth while working out, but most of th time I dont listening anything at all.

    Workout vids are alway's nice. I'm gonna make some as well in the futere. Now I only manage to put a picture on my site using the sledghammer. :-D

  2. Will check out Opeth!

    Hehehe...Yeah, I was terrible at anything computer related just a few years back. I still suck but have improved some. Practice is the mother of all skills.

  3. Wow! This is a cool idea. I really love music but unfortunately I never tried to listen to it while doing my customized workout. Well, I guess I will have to try it tomorrow! ;)