Sunday, August 2, 2009

Training while on vacation

Me and my family went on a short vacation to Sweden this week. We drove on Saturday and spent 6 days in Skellefteaa.

Since I knew we would be there for most of the week I started scanning the area for a proper gym.. My two strength sessions were going to happen, vacation or no vacation.

The hotel we stayed on had a gym but it turned out to be a useless gym for me; no squat rack, no bench press, no dip possibilities, no chin up bar and no dip-belt, oh well, the search continued.

Luck struck as we were walking down the street to find a resturant; A fully equipt commercial gym 500 meters from my hotel! YES!!

Needless to say I got my lifting on as usual and as planned. They did not have a dip-belt but I found two straps that one can use to do suspended leg-raises with, tied them togather, found a carabiner from a pulldown machine and presto, dip-/chin-belt! Felt a bit like Macgyver.. :)

Fasting and feeding has not been according to plan during my vacation but I have at least consumed more calories then I have been spending.

Filmed Thursdays Romanian dead lifts with my mobile phone but did the classical; "set the phone on its side so the video becomes useless for uploading"-trick. If someone know how I tilt the video in adobe premier pro, please, chime in!

One of my hobbies is disc golf. Did two rounds at my local court last evening. Some nice scenery and a bit of music goes hand in hand when trying to hit those chains.. active meditation.

That is it for this week. Will jot down what I am lifting etc. next week. Stay tuned and spread the word about my blog if you find it entertaining!

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