Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dogg crap training

I know, I know... I suck at updating this blog. Will do better, promise!

So, what is new.. Well, my back is all healed up and I have started lifting weights again. This period I decided to try out DC-training (dogg crap training) for bodybuilding. I have never gotten around to testing it before so this is a perfect opportunity.

For those of you that have never heard about DC, check out this link:

In short: it is a weight lifting program designed to give you as much muscle as possible as fast as possible. It is not a beginners routine and uses negatives, statics and extreme stretching. It also builds heaps of strength and is similar to some of the more "known" programs like 5x5.

Beating the log book (progression), variation (rotating 3 different upper/lower body workouts), rest pause sets, periods of progressive overload followed by a deload period, multi joint exercises but also isolation exercises. Machines are also frequently used because of safety reasons for when you work out alone (like I do).

Here is my first DC-workout (my A1-workout):

The chest exercise and the seated dumbell presses is something that I have almost never done so I started with a bit too little weight there (overshot my targeted RP-reps for the exercise).

My program is almost identical to the one in the article above (some sligth adjustment because of exercise machines and my fear of messing up my back again..:).

Here is my B1-workout:


  1. Looks good! Good luck packin on some meat boss!

  2. Thanks! Eating like a mad man so should be able to move up this period.

  3. How do you get in enough calories after fasting for 16 hours? Do you chug bottles of olive oil or something?

  4. Big meals and 2, sometimes 3 protein shakes with extra oil.