Sunday, January 24, 2010

More DC

This Friday I went to the gym and did my A2-workout right after work;

Later in the evening me and some friends met up and did some grappling. Great fun but I need to work my cardio! Since I begun this muscle building project I have not focused much on cardio. Since I am doing intermittent fasting, getting enough callories to build muscle is hard enough without me doing 2-3 days of cardio in addition to the stuff I have to do at work.

For those of you that are wondering why I am calling my workouts A1, B1, A2 etc..; The program I am using now is a upper-/lower body split that is divided between 4 days (Mon, Wed, Fri, Mon) and has 3 different exercises for each muscle group. Tomorrow I will do my B2-workout, Wednesday will be my A3-workout and Friday will be my B3-workout. Guess what comes next Monday? :) That is correct! A1 and the circle begins again!

Took some stats today after 14 hours of fasting:
  • Weight - 75.1 kg
  • Fat - 9 %
  • Fat free body mass - 68.3 kg
  • Fat - 6.8 kg
And a picture:


  1. Are you doing rest/pause, or single set? Also, you adding X-reps to the end?

  2. Rest pause for most of the exercises, single set on deadlift, bent over row and front squats. Also, I try to do a static hold and a excentric at the end of most upper body exercises. I also stretch right after the chest, lats, triceps and biceps exercises.

  3. Cool!

    I did some reading on Friday after seeing your blog and thought I'd also give this a try. A slight variation though, is on the static hold; I thought I'd try the X-rep method. Having just this minute got back from my first A1 workout, I can definitely confirm it's a killer! It's surprising how much 1 set can take out of you if you take it to failure. But thanks to the stretches, I am not sore at all (yet ;-)).

  4. You will about two days..:) Never heard of the x-rep. Got a link?

  5. The best explanation I have found is here:

    The philosophy sounds quite simple, which is probably why it seems to work for those who have tried it. You essentially extend the set beyond the point of failure by performing micro-reps; reps with a range no bigger than a few inches, targeted at the lower to mid point in the rep range rather than the extended point as with the static holds.

    I only managed about 2 - 3 X-reps after failure, they are soooo hard! Definitely worth experimenting with.