Saturday, January 30, 2010

Submission wrestling

Me and some friends meet up every friday and grapple. They have been at it longer then me since I have about 10 balls in the air at any given moment in time..:)

We practice submission wrestling where the main objective is to gain positional dominance over your opponent and submit him with a lock or a choke. In competition you also get awarded points for sweeps, passes and throws.

This is, in my opinion, a great sport that gives you many challenges. You can practice full speed, full force against a non complient opponent since there are agreed upon rules that makes it safe. If you get trapped in a lock or a choke you simply "tap out" by clapping your hand or foot on the ground or on your opponent. You can also say; "tap", or something similar that you both have agreed upon before starting.

Some of the most important factors of sub.wrestling (again, in my opinion) is technical mastery, endurance (both cardiovascular and muscular) and strength.

The only thing I got going for me at the moment is strength. I have many hours of practice ahead of me before I can claim to be a good technical grappler. My endurance will creep up towards the summer (because of my bodybuilding project).

Here is a video clip of yestedays grappling session (the first guy I am grappling has about 10 kg on me):

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